Blue Koi Sushi & Wraps

  • Sunday 10:30am - 11:00pm
  • Monday 10:30am - 11:00pm
  • Tuesday 10:30am - 11:00pm
  • Wednesday 10:30am - 11:00pm
  • Thursday 10:30am - 11:00pm
  • Friday 10:30am - 12:00am
  • Saturday 10:30am - 12:00am


Blue Koi is an exciting new fast-casual dining experience focused on a simple, fresh, and unique approach to sushi and wraps. We strive to make delicious, quality food available quickly, affordably, and the way you want it. We not only strive to differentiate ourselves through quality and innovation, but also by a commitment to sustainability.
We strive to make your experience with Blue Koi an easy one. Nothing stands between you and your perfect roll or wrap. It might take you awhile to dream up your creation, but Blue Koi won’t take long to make it a reality.

Blue Koi products are fresh. We uphold the highest standard of quality in every ingredient and product that we serve.

Enjoy a fresh perspective on sushi dining. We are committed to being innovative and modern in all aspects of our organization: products, customer experience, business management, and sustainability.

The Blue Koi product is unique. Each roll and wrap is created by the customer for that customer. The wide variety of ingredients offers an almost limitless amount of combinations. Any restaurant can offer sushi and wraps. Blue Koi lets you make it your own.

The Blue Koi experience is unique. Nowhere else in NKY can you find a fast-casual sushi and wrap restaurant. There’s sushi dining and there's wrap options, but there's only one Blue Koi!